What are SOP recipes?

One of the most common requests we get from ClickMinded SOP users is how to leverage SOPs to launch large campaigns or run complex processes.

SOPs are great for completing specific tasks, but bigger projects usually require people to use several SOPs in a specific order, which can be hard if you’re not familiar with EVERY available SOP, it can be hard to achieve that.

That’s why we’re introducing SOP Recipes.

SOP recipes are EXACT templates for how to mix and match our SOPs to perform bigger projects.

Think of it as SOPs for how to use our SOPs.

SOP recipes include:

  1. An overview of the entire project broken down into a few simple steps
  2. The specific SOPs you need to use (so you don’t need to spend time checking what’s available in the SOP Library)
  3. Special instructions for how to use each SOP

How to use SOP recipes:

Each SOP recipe includes links to the SOPs you need to use. Just click on the image to get the link.

In some cases, we’ll also include special instructions to follow for those SOPs

Here’s how to spot an SOP recipe:

It’s simple, SOP recipes will contain “Recipe” in the title and are numbered independently from regular SOPs.